How to pack a ‘SPICE’ punch in your life?

I was reading about Susan Sontag yesterday where she talked about three abnormal polarities that we perpetuate as a culture- the polarisation of man/ woman, young/ old and intuition/ intellect.

Our stereotypical mindsets make us believe in men, youth and intellect over women, old age and intuition.

Do you agree that women condescend themselves and men condescend women too.

We all love to be young and are embarrassed to be old. We swear by the power of intellect over intuition.

Isn’t this high time to end this OR Game and change it into an AND Game?

Our stereotypical

Counsel someone.

When you counsel someone, you help two people – the person seeking your counsel and you.

counselWhen you listen to the seeker, your mind nods and read between the lines of your own understanding.

When you explain a few truths to the seeker, you remove the haze from your mind too.

So, seek out someone whom you can offer help. Counsel someone so that you get counseled too.

As parents, it has a deeper meaning. Isn’t it?

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