sPiceSum of Partner, Parent, Professional, and Person In you to Create Excellence


sPice is a new concept developed by Leadership & Life Style Coach Dr. Swati Lodha, who stresses upon Holistic Heroism and Personal Excellence in all areas of our lives. It will be shortly available in the form of a Life Transforming book.

A sPice personality is someone who strives to excel in all the prominent roles that he plays in his/her life, as a partner (to the spouse/friends/peers), as a parent (to children and one’s parents), as a professional and as a person.

A sPice personality doesn’t focus on one role while underplaying or ignoring or cheating in other roles. He/She strives to strike a balance in his/her life by playing to the potential as a parent, partner, professional, as well as a person.

Find Your Spice!

Find your fulfillment.

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